Three posters installed in Swiss Cottage Library
Three posters for Camden Commissions Swiss Cottage Gallery 2023 Poster Programme, February 2023
Artworks on a shelving unit
Installation at BLINK (Min Angel's Room), London, 2024
Wevet Projects Brighton
Maquette, No Show Space, Bethnal Green
Installation view of Maquette, curated by Robert Moon, 2022-3
Stoneware form glazed with cobalt oxide and tin
Two chawan, glazed and decorated with brushed oxide
Dante Drawing
Drawing for 'On reflection' at Crypt Gallery London, 2022
Drawing for Dante exhibition, 2022
3D construction, high density board and acrylic
Installation view Hastings Contemporary
Installation view of 'A Generous Space', Hasting Contemporary, 2021-2
List of Supastore Frieze Projects artists
Supastore Frieze Projects Plate
Poster from Moravia show
Motorhead Under Kenidjack install
Motorhead Under Kenidjack install, 2022
Motorhead Under Kenidjack shelves with objects
Three posters installed in Swiss Cottage Gallery
Card Construction
Board and card construction
Ceramic relief glazed with red oxide
Ceramic relief glazed with red oxide